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And here's my PROFILE:

Born: 2nd August 1983, 4 am in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Currently living in NOVI SAD, Yugoslavia.

I like driving. In Yugoslavia you can't drive a car until you're 18, so I have a '91 Peugeot Scooter ST. But, unfortunately I had an accident in November '99. I still feel the consequences.

I go to the "Isidora Sekulic" high school in Novi Sad,

I've finished the 1st year there with 4,00 (something like a "B"), and the second with 4,07

The school's realy hard, unlike the American or other western schools.

I'm in the Vojvodina waterpolo club, although there weren't any practises

during the NATO aggression (you can find out more about this on the sites

on the links page). 

I like to go to other countries, the countries I've been to so far are

Hungary (3x), Greece (3x), Italy (2x), all FYRs (former yugoslav republics),

USA, France (Paris, 1 day:(((( ). I don't count ex-Yugoslavian republics (I've been to them all).

During the NATO aggression I was at home. Just, I have been for 2 weeks at my

granny's in Bosnia.

I like chating with my friends from all over the world via ICQ or email (I prefer ICQ)

My ICQ # is 17747911. I'm usually on ICQ at about 10 pm, Central European Time.

My email is , so if you like, you can email me and ask me whatever

you like, be nice, though!

As you know, I support Partizan FC . This site is a directory of that site, so if you

want to see it just cut the licnae.html out of the URL and you'll be there!

I'm a real computer addict, so I'm going to tell you my computer


Intel Pentium Celeron 300A, 64MB NVRAM, BX Main Board, 2.1 GB HDD,

32x NEC CD-ROM, 8MB SiS graphic card, FDD Mitsumi, 14" Belinea monitor :( ,

33.600 bps external modem, HP DeskJet 690C+,

Logitech USBWheel Mouse :), Genius Microphone, Genius Flight 2000 Joystick

And here are the CDs i have :

NBA Live 99, MiG-29 Fulcrum, SimCity 3000, StarCraft, SimCity 3000 ,

Need For Speed III, SU-27 Flanker, The F.A. Premiership Football Manager 99,

NBA Live 97, Garfield, 3D Atlas 98, FIFA 99, Encarta 98 Encyclopedia.

And here're the music CDs I prefer: Enigma, Bravo Hits 98, Eros Ramazzoti -

- Best Ballads,

Will Smith - Best Singles Collection 99, No Mercy, ...


And here's a look at my desktop: